Pancake Ashes

If anything in the world makes me happy it’s pancakes. The sweet kind, the savoury kind, for breakfast or for dinner, during summer and during winter. No matter when, where or how…make me a pancake and I might simply be capable of declaring you my love! Now pancakes and my family have a long and strong tradition, meaning that at least once a week a pancake will cross our plate. If, due to unfortunate circumstances, this might not be the case, you could encounter us in a grumpy mood or just simply trying to sculpture our mashed potatoes in a circular shape while adding some maple syrup. Not a pretty sight, right?
In spite of the expectation just raised, this blog will not be about pancakes (or at least not exclusively). It will be about the things in live that make me happy, that inspire me, that make me laugh, cry, think.
Like the ashes of a fire, the posts will only be an index of what has been. A word or an image trying to capture the thought or moment that crossed my path –or plate…Photography, cinema, music, travelling, I like to pay a tribute to them all, for they inspire me, make me happy and I hope they can do the same for you. Please enjoy!


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