Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

I took this photo in 2007 during a four-day visit to Paris. It was my first time to Paris and I got to say that it was even better than I had hoped for. Things can be rather disappointing when expectations are high and the City of Light was surely a sky-high, ever bright, unrealistic-kind of expectation. How could it ever live up to that?

But it did. The architecture was beautiful, and so were the people, the food, and the culture! While taking this picture from the top of Paris’s most famous icon, the Eiffel Tower, the sun was starting to set and it created this lovely golden light. Just before the sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon we had sat ourselves on the grass in front of the monument to watch the lightshow.

I was told that if you would touch the point zero at the Place du Parvis-Notre-Dame you would be bound to come back to Paris, and so I did. Paris has a special place in my heart. No matter how many times you visit it, the magic of the city just doesn’t wear out.


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