Velvet Vinyl

Today I finally bought myself a long-wanted vinyl record. I came across it a great deal before (even with its original peelable banana) but I was hoping to find it for a very friendly price. Without any success. Most prices I came across were even higher than I would spend on a brand new CD. I would be crazy to pay such an amount for a second hand record. But today I did.
In my own defence; it wasn’t a second hand but a freshly pressed version. Oh how I wish you could smell its brand newness! It almost beats the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie (almost: ‘cause nothing beats freshly baked pumpkin pie)! As I looked trough the various records it didn’t took long before my eye caught the white cover with its iconic banana. ‘Peel slowly and see!’ I love Andy Warhol, the persona he created for himself, how he knew how to make the ordinary extraordinary. He did a lot of album covers, but this is without doubt his best.
Once I’d taken it in my hand I decided to not let go again until I reached the cashier. Now it’s loudly playing in the background while I write you this post. I don’t feel any regret; sometimes you have to treat yourself a little. Even if that means you risk finding a better deal in the future. We can never know what the future might bring…So, I guess what I try to say is that you better start enjoying the here and now.
Did you ever postpone something you regretted later? Or are you more the kind that acts now and enjoys the moment without thinking much about the consequences?


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