Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Old school mail can make me very happy. As a child I used to correspond with my best friend after she moved to the other side of the city. To me that seemed to be like the other side of the world. We wrote about our little adventures at school and the stuff that occupied our seven or eight year old minds. But over time the letters became less frequent and eventually stopped. She still crosses my mind every now and then. She will always be my first best friend and I’ll remember her as my first and only penfriend. It’s a shame people don’t write each other paper letters anymore. E-mail is of course very convenient, quick, and easy but the personal touch seems to be lost in the process. I always look forward to receiving postcards from my friends and families holiday destination.
During my own vacation last summer I came across these mailboxes. All the houses of this little Swedish village had there mailbox placed together at the side of the street. I like to wander about the kind of person behind the boxes. What they look like, how they spend there days, what kind of mail they would receive. The possibilities are endless…


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. I love this photo. I agree with you. Letters are a lost moment (I actually wrote a post about this early in my blogging) and it would be really nice to see them make a come back. : ) Great interpretation of this week’s challenge.

  2. Lovely post and photo!

    Do you ever wonder what is happening to the art of the love letter and those lost tomes of joy and heartbreak? I suppose now they are all on Facebook 😦

    1. Times are changing. I don’t consider it a bad development pur sang but electronic devices (and the social network sites like facebook) seem to take over our lives, blurring the lines between public and private. Something intimate like a love letter has to make way for a public announcement. If it isn’t on the world wide web it simply doesn’t exist…

  3. That’s a very lovely photo! In this modern age of technology, sending emails and ecards or greeting people through social network are the norm nowadays. But I still LOVE sending cards and receiving cards by post. I eagerly checked the letterbox when I know post mails are coming. I love the touch and smell of the card and most especially I love to see the handwritten message on it.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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