Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Not that long ago I was offered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it had something to do with this mountaintop. To get there I had to squeeze myself in a minivan with ten Italian men, five oversized backpacks, a child and a very excited dog. We meandered up the small mountain road and thirty minutes later I was taking in this breathtaking view of Lago di Como in Northern Italy.
I had to take a leap of fate and run down the mountainside, jump, and hope that the thin fabric of the parachute would glide me safely back to earth. The picture reminds me of the risk you sometimes need to take. We are after all nothing more than little dots in time and space. Hovering above the ground, reducing everything underneath you to toy sized elements, can make you feel humble and make you forget about your troubles. If even cities seem small and insignificant your fears and troubles seem so even more.
A new opportunity has revealed itself to me. Upcoming Monday I have to take an other leap of fate. Not an adrenaline-like event but a job interview with an international established enterprise. It makes me a little nervous but I also know that I have to take a risk once in a while. Make that jump and trust that everything will be all right in the end.


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