Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

This beach’s sand was hidden underneath a thick layer of thousands and thousands of seashells. As far as the eye could reach you could see nothing but the empty remains of a world that is hidden from our sight. Sea life is fascinating. The water’s surface gives away little to nothing about what is going on underneath. The colourful shells in all kinds of shapes might give a hint.

As a kid I got a big tropical seashell from my grandmother, the kind of shell you are not allowed to take across borders anymore. I used to put it against my ear for I was told you could hear the ocean’s rush. It was magical and I kind of believed it. The world is still a big mystery when you’re young and you turn to your parents to explain the way things are. So if they tell you that you can hear the ocean through a shell you believe it. Just as you believe it when they tell you that the piece of meat on your plate was once part of an animal or that snow is nothing more than frozen water.

The shell was like a doorway to an other place. It didn’t took me long to realise it was only a myth cause the same ‘audible world’ could be created by cupping a hand over your ear. A discovery that makes you doubt your parents’ knowledge a little. So if the next world lesson is that our sun is actually a very close by star you make sure you got a non-relative to verify that…

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. There are a beach in North of Chile that have the same beautiful nature! I’ll search on my archives searching for the picture 🙂 (The place in Chile named “Punta de Choros”

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