Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

A man with a hat but no coat was smoking a cigarette in the low autumn sun. He reminded me a little of Humphrey Bogart in one of his Film Noirs. The only things missing were a Femme Fatale, a gun and a long trench coat. Instead he was wearing a very dandy like suit. I wondered who he was and what he was doing there, standing at the entrance of a closed conference hall, but I had no time to think it over. I was cycling home again, trying to make it back before the sun would definitely set behind the horizon. The garden-centre I had just visited was already crammed with Christmas lights, reindeer and fake snow. A food car in front of the shop was selling typical New Years Eve delicates. And all this on the magical date of 11-11-11. Way too early if you would ask me!

While I was hiding my hands from the cold air the idea of an even colder winter to come was pressing hard on my mind. I’ve never dreaded the winter, but today I long for a warm summer day. So for this weeks challenge I like to post a picture that just SCREAMS summer! I remember taking it. I was standing on a melting parking lot. The sun burning on my skin and the tar of the road sticking to my flip flops. A lot of people were crossing the boulevard between me and the scene you see on the picture. Till this day I still find it a wonder that what I saw in front of me appeared on the photo like it did. No matter how idyllic it appears, the reality was less so. Still it is a very paradisiacal scene, a wonderful place to let your mind wander off to while you’re freezing your ass off in the winter cold.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. I wonder if I will be able to walk on that beatch one day…
    It looks like heaven.
    I really like the shadow of the trees. It seems to be the place to nap πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the dreaming break

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