Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Whether I am a flexible girl I do not know. I try to be, but I do have my traditions. Traditions (or habits perhaps) that I stick to no matter what. Breakfast is one of these traditions. For as long as I can remember I eat two slices of brown bread with dark chocolate spread and a glass of milk. Though I get bored quite easily this simple meal never bores me. It even seems like a special treat every morning. As a kid I could get very upset if the chocolate spread jar was empty or if my father thought it nice to try some new flavour and had bought white instead of dark chocolate. It would ruin my day (or at least the whole morning till lunch came up).

Since I’m living on my own I’ve become more flexible with my breakfast tradition. I mean, I’m already grateful if there is anything to eat at all. If there is no chocolate spread I’ll eat whatever else that is available, if there is no milk I’ll drink tea…or water. I consider this development a sign of my –ehum- ‘maturity’, of my flexibility. It shows me that I am quite capable of adapting to any situation. It reminds me even a little of being on vacation in my own home.

Cause the only time I was capable of breaking my breakfast tradition in the past was during holidays and vacations. I even considered it my little mission to try as much new –and especially local food as possible. The picture for this weeks challenge was taken during a summer festival. Each morning we would gather in the big tent and eat breakfast together; this would mean something like a bread roll with sweating cheese (for there was no fridge), some chocolate sprinkles or au natural and to go with it a cup of hot tea and the morning paper with all the festival news our little music hearts could wish for.


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