ABC: Music (2011) – C

Music is very important to me. I like to surround myself with music throughout the day: when I wake up; when I’m on the road; when I’m eating; when friends are visiting; when I feel sad; when I feel happy. No moment is truly experienced without a certain ‘soundtrack’ to accompany it.
I can get quite attached to a song which creates two distinguished consequences:

1- I find it very difficult to share, for I consider it my song. As soon as others start to play the song the love can extinguished quite easily. Only the very best survive this challenge.
2- The song will be played over and over again until it has completely integrated with a certain moment in time. So the next time I hear it again it will take me back to that specific moment.

I try to learn myself that ‘not sharing the music’ is relentlessly selfish and very much not the point of what music is about. Music is about sharing and bringing people together. So therefore I decided to make a tribute to all the music that is or has been important to me. Hopefully it will inspire others to share their own personal music alphabet and to explore the musical sights that were off their map before.

C: Catcher in the Rye (The Cabins)
The C was a difficult letter for me because I had a lot of songs to choose from. Songs I like but none that I truly love. Except from Devendra Banhart’s Carmensita perhaps. But I decided for myself that I would post a different artist every alphabetical letter and Devendra had already claimed himself another we will come across later in the game. So that left me with a lot of different options of which none really seemed to stand out.

After a lot of scraping and tossing I ended up with a winner called Catcher in the Rye by The Cabins. It has a mesmerizing dark melody that’s almost hypnotic. I love to listen to it at the end of the day when the sun is making place for the moon and the atmosphere changes to a deeper and darker mood. I guess a lot of the music I listen to has something dark or melancholic so it is a perfect representative for the kind of music I like at the moment.

To be honest this is the only song that I know of the band. I do not really understand why I never looked up anything else. Perhaps exactly because it is so much like the other music I listen to. At some point it just becomes too much to add another of all that you already have. Nonetheless I’m happy to know this song, I enjoy it a lot. And I hope you will enjoy it too!


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