ABC: Music (2011) – O

Music is very important to me. I like to surround myself with music throughout the day: when I wake up; when I’m on the road; when I’m eating; when friends are visiting; when I feel sad; when I feel happy. No moment is truly experienced without a certain ‘soundtrack’ to accompany it.
I can get quite attached to a song which creates two distinguished consequences:

1- I find it very difficult to share, for I consider it my song. As soon as others start to play the song the love can extinguished quite easily. Only the very best survive this challenge.
2- The song will be played over and over again until it has completely integrated with a certain moment in time. So the next time I hear it again it will take me back to that specific moment.

I try to learn myself that ‘not sharing the music’ is relentlessly selfish and very much not the point of what music is about. Music is about sharing and bringing people together. So therefore I decided to make a tribute to all the music that is or has been important to me. Hopefully it will inspire others to share their own personal music alphabet and to explore the musical sights that were off their map before.

O: One Two Three Four (Feist)
The first real female performer in this project is Feist (don’t worry: more will follow). I’m always very conscience of the fact that I listen to male voices for at least 70% of all my music. It wouldn’t surprise me if officially it would be even more than that! It’s something biological I guess but female voices often annoy me. Only the dreamy and very different ones get to me.

Feist is a very good example of a female voice that I enjoy. It’s dreamy, edgy and not all to clean in its sound. I think One Two Three Four was the first song I really heard of her and that consequently drew me into her discography. Only then I realised that I had seen her album lying around in the shops for quite some time. But never had I taken the effort to pick it up and listen to it. Imagine what I had missed out on if I had never heard the song on the radio (and that wouldn’t be such an impossible scenario for I barely listen to the radio)! It makes me wonder what else I‘ve missed out on even though it is right in front of me…


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