Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The whole city was covered under a thick layer of snow. Luckily they marked where the roads where supposed to be because finding your way in a strange and foreign city without being able to see where you’re going is like walking blindfolded into a maze. Differently than in my own country they didn’t spread salt onto the snow to make it melt, but they deposited some sand and gravel to provide some (poor) grip. This allowed the snow to stay put so it transformed the city into a blank canvas on which the artist had barely bothered to paint some grey buildings but where he had forgotten about the rest: no colours, no streets, no sky (which was as white as the ground), not even any sound.

I like how the snow absorbs sound, making all noises appear dense and far away even though you can only hear those up-close. What I don’t like about the snow is a much longer list: it’s wet, it’s cold, it’s slippery, it doesn’t photograph well (at least in my book) and it deregulates daily life in a very inconvenient way. For example: traffic can’t drive normally, causing big delays and accidents. But people have to go to work or to school. Life goes on but us people can’t follow in our normal pace. Wouldn’t it be much easier to give us all some old school snow free. It would make the experience of snow more fun and therefore more welcome in my life!


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