Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

I’ve launched myself into a fresh new year last weekend, and fresh it was! The wind was howling, the rain was pouring down, the water was pulsing with fierce waves. Around me funny dressed people were gathering around. Those who weren’t dressed in some sort of goofy outfit where wearing camera’s around there necks. After some official small talk and a lot of second thoughts me and my friends joined the crowd to the waterfront. Then, at that very moment, we became part of a very special New Year tradition…I forgot to mention that I also was wearing clothes normal thinking people wouldn’t wear in such bad weather circumstances: and that’s to say that I was wearing my swimsuit.

Once the green light was given we all ran into the freezing water. Waves crushed into our chests, pressing out all air, people screamed (but it was a good kind of screaming, like in a roller coaster), camera’s flashed, shoes where lost and floated by…after the first few steps I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, which was a weird sensation. I lost sight of my friends, but it didn’t matter, for I was running as fast as I could so I could get out as fast as I could. Once back on land, we wrapped ourselves in towels, removed the shrimps out of our shoes (actually they were stuck in some other place but I will save you the details…) and headed home to drink some hot chocolate.

A less cold launching-experience I encountered in Florida at the Kennedy Space Centre. That’s where this week’s picture was taken. We were lucky enough to see a satellite being launched off to outer space. It was an unforgettable experience.


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