Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

To look at something from a distance can give you a feeling of solitude. The city seems peaceful and quiet, for you can not see the busy rumble that happens in the streets or behind the walls. All seems static and eternal. But most of all: all seems empty. There is nothing more than bricks and stones.

Firstly this can give the city a face. It becomes its own city-noise producing creature. For if there is nothing there, where is the sound coming from? You identify its characteristic features, like in the face of a human being. You recognise its squares and churches, like you recognise someone’s eyes or nose. The city comes to life.

Secondly it can make you feel differentiated. You aren’t able to identify with anything you see. Far away from daily life, or more to say from human life, you start to feel alone. You’re no part of what is going on in front of you. It all seems distant and more or less insignificant. It doesn’t matter you’re not there cause you have the best possible view you could whish for. Not only the city seems to be at peace, you are also at peace with yourself.


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