I Saw You Crying At The Discotheque

Pancake Ashes - i saw you crying at the discotheque


“Punk’s Dead!”

Pancake Ashes - Punk's DeadWith a bang he fell to the ground. For a brief moment he had floated in the air, but gravity got a hold on him and so a second later he hit the cold hard floor.

There he lay, motionless. The music lost its volume and stopped, jaws dropped, a faint voice from the audience asked ‘Is he dead?’

A brave young man, sitting only inches from where it happened, reached out his arm and touched the motionless body. ‘No…no, he’s okay.’ The other dancers, all dressed as punks, called out to their crew mate to see if he would respond. When he didn’t one female dancer walked towards him and started an improvised dance in which she gave him the kiss of life.

Dance is life, so it seemed, for slowly but surely the man started to move along, getting back on his feet again. Those same feet had kicked a hole in the wall (‘Again?!’ one of the organizers exclaimed when they checked the damage) while trying to do a back flip, making him lose his balance and fall – hard.

The guy walked back to the couch that stood in the middle of the stage and bended his head down to chase away the black spots dancing in front of his eyes. His crew mates started to massage his bare back, throbbing and petting the tension out of his muscles.

Then, someone from the audience screamed: ‘Punk’s dead!’ – I guess it is…