The Devil Is In The Details


A Sight To Behold

I grew up in a rather dull city. There were no clues of a vibrant city life. The houses radiated with an insignificant architecture and the people who lived there were either old or very young. As a child it was a wonderful place. There were lots of trees, play gardens and even a monkey zoo and a little theme park with small amusement rides. You might understand that I wasn’t complaining at all.

But now that I’m older the city seems – like I said – rather dull. I have seen the monkeys in the zoo, I’m too big to fit in the thrill rides of the small theme park and I don’t feel like swinging running and jumping in the play ground anymore. What I do feel like doing is offered to me in another city I call my new home. This city has lots of clues of a vibrant city life. The houses radiate with significant architecture and the people who live there are all in the prime of there live.

Though this week I spotted a rather different side of my childhood hometown. It was like a neatly lady had slightly lifted up her skirt and had let her always picture-perfect hear down. It was a sight to behold. I like how places you thought you knew can still surprise you. Travelling to known places can be just as much an adventure as travelling to those unknown.