Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

A few days ago the sun played a trick upon my eyes. I was walking down the street towards the subway. The city was awakening and people made their way towards work. At the other end of the street I saw a figure. It shone bright in the morning light. It’s silvery armour heavy with glisters and impressive bravura. On its head was a scarlet helmet.

It took me a moment to realise it was a knight. And then it took me an other moment to realise that he was a slightly displaced figure in this 21st century. What was a knight doing here? How odd!

Then after a few seconds, longer than I would like to admit, I saw the knight in a clearer light. I had to laugh about my foolish naivety but the sun had made me believe to have seen a knight, while it was nothing more but a woman in a silvery reflecting overcoat with an extravagant hear-do.

I like the morning walks towards the subway. It happens every now and than that I see extraordinary or funny things that seem to come straight out of Wonderland. Like the flying sandwich that almost hit my head this week. Just imagine a square slice of bread with a big hole in the middle. A pigeons head peeps through this hole and behind it big wings flap awkwardly in the thin morning air. Or the flower shop owner that I see every morning. He looks a lot like an old greying version of the actor playing Captain Spock in Star Trek. He always pretends to be too busily occupied with opening the automatic porthole of the shop to see me. But once in a while I get a little ‘good morning’ when I walk by.

The world is a magical place if only you open your eyes and mind to see it. The sun is your biggest friend in all of this. Without the sun there would be no light to see the extraordinary.